Ghana 2016 Teachers

We would like to extend our gratitude to all Conference teachers for giving so much of their time and expertise to join us in Ghana. Their contribution was a key to the success of the Conference.

Teachers & workshops

  • Alison Bourke: Irish Ceilidh Dance
  • Andy Raine: Evangelism Morning Stream; Men Only!; ICDF Network for Men in Dance 
  • Anna Arnold: Contemporary Jazz; Prophetic Dance; ICDF Network for Flags & Banners 
  • Barbara Bain: Tambourines in Worship and Warfare; Dance Drama
  • Belinda Andrews: ICDF Network for Dance Teachers 
  • David Stanfield: Flags & Banners Morning Stream; How to teach adults in a fun and exciting way
  • Debbie Bright: Hawkins Technique; ICDF Network for Academics, Writers & Researchers 
  • Diane Hobelaid: Healing – Proclaiming God’s Goodness on the Journey
  • Dr Sylvanus Kwashie Kuwor: Team Building Drumming
  • Eileen McDonald: Dance Movement Therapy Morning Stream
  • Jan Dyer: Worship dance without moving your feet; Creative Storytelling
  • Liesl Townsend: South African Dance
  • Linda Ivanka: Quiet Depths (Prayer & intercession)
  • Lisa Wilson: Contemporary Dance Morning Stream
  • Lucy Jarasius: Poetry in Motion; ICDF Network for Creative Arts & Social Concern
  • Mary Jones: Prayer Watch Morning Stream; Cara Mayan
  • Mikaele Mudreilagi: Dance and the Great Commission; Dances from the Pacific
  • Paula Hocking: Ability not Disablity Morning Stream
  • Peter Hothersall: ICDF Network for Ballroom Dance
  • Roz Hancock: Art//Collaboration; ICDF Network for Dance for Children 
  • Saartjie de Wet: Prayer Watch Morning Stream; Contemplative Prayer; The building blocks of choreography
  • Seth Asare Newman: African Dance Morning Stream; African Ceremonies and Festivals
  • Sharon Ereaux: Stillness-Spirit-Body; Techniques of a good fitness class; ICDF Network for Fitness, Well-being & Movement Meditation 
  • Sue Sutherland: Unleash Your Creativity
  • Tove Liljedahl: Dance for Children Morning Stream
  • Vera Chierico: Messianic Dance & Tambourines; ICDF Network for Messianic Dance & Tambourines 


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